[aprssig] APRS Reply ACKS and message lesson 101

Doug Cox jdmcox at jdmcox.com
Wed Jan 16 17:10:27 EST 2008

I can answer my own question, which was:
Sorry to ask a question that must be stupid because it's never asked, but:
Why doesn't the client program that sends the data (of any kind) repeatedly send it again in 10 seconds if it doesn't receive that data back from a digipeater? This method requires a digipeater, of course, but they seem necessary to the proper functioning of APRS. And once a digipeater gets the data, can't it re-send it without a blocked transmission? Thus 1 hop data should be guaranteed to arrive. Is there anything wrong with this logic?

Sure, using the quoted method, the data can be received and re-sent by a digipeater, no problem. The problem is that the digipeater's re-transmission could still be stepped-on by other transmissions from other digipeaters, and so not received by the intended receiver.

So now I understand APRS Reply ACKS and message lesson 101.

Doug Cox
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