[aprssig] [Fwd: Fraudulent W0APR license renewal/modification filing]

Jim Duncan jdbandman at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 16 00:30:28 EST 2008

Dear APRS Sig:

I am forwarding this message to the group so that all are aware of what 
has transpired with respect to the W0APR club license.

Brian Short, KC0BS, is not now nor ever was a member of the Kansas City 
APRS Working Group, the licensee of station license W0APR. This is his 
second fraudulent act with respect to KCAWG. In 2004 Mr. Short 
misrepresented himself and took control of the clubs web domain name 

Initially I agreed to allow him and his partner a six month period to 
see what they could accomplish after which time they promised to bring 
me into their new organization. Obviously that never happened!

When Mr. Short pirated the KCAWG website he initially attempted to use 
the KCAWG callsign as part of his new logo and removed it ONLY after I 
insisted that he do so.

In this instance Mr. Short was contacted by the license trustee late 
last week with respect to renewing the license (which was already in 
process by me!). Mr. Short misrepresented himself to the trustee as 
being the new responsible party. I spoke with the trustee earlier this 
evening and he apologized profusely for assuming that Mr. Short 
represented OUR club because he went to the old web address to contact 
ME and found Mr. Short's contact.

I have sent Mr. Short four emails today requesting nicely at first, and 
finally with what follows. None of these contacts have been returned. I 
have also attempted to locate a telephone contact for him and there is 
no listing for his name found in directory assistance at the address 
listed as his primary station address in the FCC database.

I regret having to drag this out into the national public eye however 
Mr. Short's non-response and his actions not only in this matter but in 
the high-jacking of the KCAPRS.ORG domain name and website in 2004 are 
at best questionable and unethical.

The KCAWG officer expect Mr. Short to cease and desist from this type of 
action and to do the right thing and file an immediate modification of 
the KCAWG club license with FCC.

James Duncan, KU0G
KCAWG Chairman

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Fraudulent W0APR license renewal/modification filing
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 23:18:22 -0600
From: Jim Duncan <jdbandman at earthlink.net>
To: KCØBS Brian Short <kcshorty at gmail.com>,  shortbri at yahoo.com

Mr. Short:

You had/have NO right to misrepresent yourself as a trustee of the
Kansas City APRS Working Group. You are not now nor ever were a member
of this club.

You have misrepresented yourself once again and fraudulently applied to
renewal/modification of an amateur radio club callsign to which you are
not now nor ever were a party. This is a violation of 47CFR Part
97.17(c) which states “No person shall obtain or attempt to obtain, or
assist another person to obtain or attempt to obtain, an amateur service
license grant by fraudulent means.”

You tried this stunt 3 years ago and tried to claim control of the club
call when you pirated our website. At your request I stayed quiet for a
period of 6 months after which time you PROMISED to bring me into your
organization. You failed to keep that promise and, as a result of that
action and THIS action, I do NOT intend to remain silent with respect to
this matter!

You also fraudulently made a request in MY name to FCC to release the
FRN number. This is based upon the FCC communication I received both by
email and now by printed mail.

You now have only ONE option: restore what you wrongfully misappropriated.

I have kept out of the affairs of your organization to date out of
respect for anyone who is interested in furthering APRS but you have
proven once again that you are beneath any level of trust.

You have until 12:00 Noon Wednesday, January 15, 2008 to respond and
take positive steps to update the W0APR station license to reflect its
proper ownership. After that time your failure to respond will result in
the pursuit of any/all legal means to ensure compliance.
James R. Duncan, Chairman
Kansas City APRS Working Group
706 E. Culton
Warrensburg, MO 64093
(660) 441-3799

73 de Jim, KU0G

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