[aprssig] Part 3/3: Updating APRS Clients (Consumer Needs)

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Jan 15 11:49:25 EST 2008

On Jan 14, 2008, at 9:22 PM, Ev Tupis wrote:

> This is simply one of several challenges facing APRS (Bob has  
> actually mentioned others), restricting it's value to the sworn EFR  
> community.
I see a potentially insurmountable post-9/11 challenge, encryption.  
The current paranoia makes it hard to convince anyone to send accurate  
positions of critical assets over an open channel, all the worse that  
the posits are made instantly available on the internet. Before  
investing efforts in meeting the other challenges, how would this  
potential deal-breaker be solved?

Steve K4HG

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