[aprssig] Com port sharing utility

Earl Needham earl_needham at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 20:07:32 EST 2008

At 18:02 1/14/2008, Rich Garcia wrote:
>2 comm ports, surely you must be kidding ?
>Does anyone make a laptop with a comm port anymore ? I have
>a handfull of USB dongles but I hate them.

         Yep, I use one and it's enough.  When I try to use more than 
one, I have problems not knowing which one is which -- the com port 
numbers seem to come up at random.  Even with one dongle and a USB 
GPS, I have to always plug them into the same USB plugs or else the 
com ports are different.  It isn't very convenient.

         When I tried Ubuntu with these devices, I had to unplug the 
USB items (including my Sprint aircard), and THEN boot the 
machine.  Once the machine was up and running, I had to plug in the 
aircard, then plug in the dongle, and finally plug in the 
GPS.  Anything else and the numbers were wrong and various software 
couldn't find the items.

         Sorry, guess you got my attention with this one!

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