[aprssig] Com port sharing utility

Claude Head III k5dtn at swbell.net
Mon Jan 14 18:37:26 EST 2008

I seem to remember comments on this SIG some time ago about a COM port sharing utility, whereby a single COM port could be used by two (or more) applications at the same time.

My desire here is to use a Garmin GPS receiver to feed data to a DeLorme Street Atlas program and at the same time feed the GPS data to a program that would keep the computer (a Dell Latitude laptop) time correct. I have found an inexpensive program that will set the computer's time using GPS data, but it does not share access to the COM port. 

As mentioned earlier, I think I saw references to such a sharing program in this SIG some time ago. Does anyone remember that, or know of an inexpensive (preferably free) program? I've found a couple of such programs on the internet, but they are priced at $100 or more.

Thanks in advance for any info. 

73, Claude Head
      Dallas, TX
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