[aprssig] APRS DOS a time for change?

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Sat Jan 12 09:54:42 EST 2008

Bob Bruninga skrev:
>> But i'm sure that it's easier for Bob 
>> to do this translation if he uses 
>> Pure or True basic.
> Do these run in a windows environment? yet remain a classic von neuman basic?
> I took a look at VBasic and Marc Sproul was right, that switching to a windows environment was a total paradigm shift and there was no easy porting of my 30,000 lines of code.
> Bob, WB4APR
Yes this is true windows environment with GUI, requesters etc.

The only thing to change is:
how to display/read the maps
Keyboad functions input and text output.
Serial communications.

Probably a few other things too. But all the procedures, global 
variables etc can be converted with simple search/replace.

I have already convertet all the Qbasic from APRSDos to PureBasic
But it's hard to read other peoples code and then get everything to work 

And you can also compile it for Linux without changing the code. (a few 

I would really love to make a new program. But for one person this is a 
lot of work.
And my biggest problem is to choose the map format. And how to calibrate 
i.e a bitmap picture.
I have some large maps and only xastir is putting my stations in the 
corect place.
The ordinary top-left and bottom-right calibration is not usable in SAR
I would love something ala OziExplorer calibration.

Kai Gunter

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