[aprssig] Part 1/3: Udpating APRS Clients [was: APRS DOS a time for change?]

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 12 08:34:40 EST 2008

While this may sound harsh to some (it is not intended to be), it is my opinion that it is time for APRS clients to be updated/re-written/replaced, or time for the goals of the APRS service to change (because its stated goals aren't being realized).

To be clear, in the Amateur Radio community, my opinion and $0.99US
gets you a "big gulp" at the corner mini market.  I am simply sharing
my opinion with the hopes of shedding light into areas that have laid-in-dark for a very long time.

"Situational Awareness" means something quite different today than it did prior to 9/11 (as cliche` as that is becoming).  I touched on it briefly in my DCC presentation on the topic, where I scratched only the surface of the issue.

Am I an authority?  Not as big of one as others.  I'm one of the fellows left behind in DHS/EOC/EFR meetings after the Ham-contingent leaves.  You feel good about being invited to strategic information meetings.  I hear what people say when you're not in range.

It is with great respect to the work already accomplished by so many that I offer an insight that may contribute to positive discussions.  I'll break things into digestible sections for easier reading.  This is part 1 -- simply a thread topic change.

Kind regards,
Evhen Tupis, W2EV

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