[aprssig] FREQUENCY on APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 11 16:45:34 EST 2008

While I am complaining...

I gave a demo at an AMRAD pizza gathering of a D710 and was
pleased to see plenty of Frequency objects. I was disappointed
that most were not in the correct format.

Today, I captured 15 frequency objects here in Maryland.  Only 4
are in the correct format recommended on the web page.  Again,
to most people it doesn't matter.   They see the frequency...

BUT if we expect Kenwood, and FINDU, and APRSworld  and WOTA to
be able to PARSE and do anything with this field, it has to be
in the correct format.
Also if you use the consistent format for the NETS and MEETING
times, then that too can be consistently parsed.

Right now, the D710 can TUNE to a frequency object or can tune
to anyone's repeater if they include the frequency in their
beacon, but only if it is in the correct format.  Right now the
D710 does not parse the TONE information, beause so few people
use the correct format.  The format is simply Tnnn where nnn is
a 3 digit tone WITHOUT any decimal point or decimal digit.  It
it is a two digit tone, then just enter T077 for example.

If no tone is needed, then use "NoPL" in that four character

Bob, Wb4APR

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