[aprssig] Re: Position Ambiguity in APRS!

Al Wolfe awolfe at Route24.net
Wed Jan 9 22:09:27 EST 2008

    We've got about three jokers here in Illinois are sending Position 
Ambiguity consistently but I don't think they have any idea of how or why. 
Their positions show 40  .  N08814.09E or something like that with the lat 
to two places and their long to six. In APRSdos one sees twenty or thirty 
randomly placed sixty mile circles that blank out everything else. I do not 
know these folks or might mention to them that something may be awry with 
their packets. If these circles used the same random number each time at 
least it would not mess up the whole display with them jumping all over the 

    Their calls go into the suplist for now.

Al, K9SI 

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