[aprssig] Voice Repeater object for digis

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 8 17:06:23 EST 2008

> The other big voice repeater clubs don't have
> APRS digis and aren't being announced yet...

Ah, let me clarify.  The wording there may have the wrong idea
with the focus on the wrong piece of the pie...

The intent here is -not- to advertise every local club repeater.
The intent is to provide the best voice recommendation for
visitors for -each-digi- area.  So there is not intended to be a
separate frequency object for -every- club, but the opposite, a
Frequency recommendation coming from -every- digi.  

Remember, mobiles only receive these objects if they are in
DIRECT range of a digi.  Every digi should provide SOME voice
frequency receommendation to its in-range users.

All digis in your city could all recommend only the same wide
area frequency if that is the best way to communicate about APRS
or for a traveler.

Just thought I'd clarify...

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