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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 8 11:53:45 EST 2008

OK, the first XO laptops are starting to show on the APRS
system.  I have added a link to Steve Dimse's FINDU.COM that can
selectively display them.


Bob, Wb4APR

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> Subject: OLPC positions and MESH-ing
> > In the DC area, I think we have several 
> > Hams with XO's.  Maybe we should schedule 
> > a meeting and show-and-tell so that everyone
> > can benefit from the fruits of our efforts?
> Actually, I would like to build a map of all HAMS with OLPC's 
> to help us play and possibly MESH together..  The map will 
> include both your home and work locations which are two 
> places where you might have your OLPC laptop for meshing.  If 
> you are retired, then include any other place you may
> Just email me your CALL, and LAT/LONGs for both of your 
> locations.   If you have other daily locations you may add 
> them too. ALso indicate how many OLPC's you have.  Here is 
> the preferred format:
> WB4APR:3909.12N/07629.34Wl Home, with access to 3 OLPC's
> The LAT/LONG is in DEG and decimal minutes.  The two spaces 
> after the decimal points are for hundredths of minutes.  If 
> you replace them with two spaces, then your position can 
> remain ambiguous to the nearest mile, if you like.  The "l" 
> (lower case L) after the W is the laptop symbol.  Everything 
> after that is free text to describe your OLPC.
> Those that are into APRS can go ahead and just change your 
> normal APRS station to the LAPTOP symbol for the next week or 
> so, and I can capture your posit that way electronically.
> > TO make it easy to compute the centroid 
> > of local OLPC's, everyone could beacon 
> > their position on APRS using the LAPTOP 
> > symbol with a note about their OLPC.
> > Then we can pick the centroid to plan a meeting...
> Thanks!
> Bob, WB4APR

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