[aprssig] WIDE1-1,SSn-N update

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jan 7 09:27:20 EST 2008

I was reviewing the fix14439.html web page and noticed it still
referred to SS1-1,SSn-N as the recommendation for state or
section nets to make these packets traceable.

There is no need to use SS1-1, since WIDE1-1 already exists.  So
I have changed all references to SS1-1,SSn-N to WIDE1-1,SSn-N.

Background:  Most digipeaeters can support two types of XXXn-N
digipeating.  One called UITRACE is fully traceable and the
other one called UIFLOOD is not.  Originally WIDEn-N used the
nontraceable UIFLOOD parameter.  This was bad for network

The New-N paradigm made WIDEn-N fully traceable by swapping
WIDEn-N support to the UITRACE parameter.  This left the
"untraceable" UIFLOOD available for SSn-N routing.  But these
packets can be marked with the LAST digipeater they used if the
UIFLOOD-ID parameter is set.  By preceeding any SSn-N path with
a WIDE1-1, then the initial digipeater is also marked in the

This is why the path of WIDE1-1,SSn-N is recommended for State
or ARRL Section nets, because it lets all packets then be
identified by where they entered the network and how they
arrived.  This turns this previously untraceable parameter into
a much more manageable path in the modern New-N paradigm


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