[aprssig] Re: OLPC ... Neat!

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jan 5 19:56:16 EST 2008

> I think the XO is a... ground breaking device.  
> Did I get one? No, I realized that it is does 
> not meet my needs and would end up in the
> closet or given away to a child...

Mine have done just that since Xmas, until today. ... 

I couldn't find my shoulder bag big laptop and so on my way out the door, I grabbed one of the kids XO's so I could try it out for the 5 hours I would be sitting at the kids swim meet.

Sitting in the stands, I fired it up, and to my amazement wireless! bingo up came my favorite web pages, and then email.  After reading email I went to edit some of my web pages.  Flipped the screen around to tablet/book style so that the pages were long and I could read like a book.  Holding the device in one hand with the nice finger holes provided.

Wow, what a neat way to access wireless, email, web pages, and live mobile APRS.  Less than 1/2 the bulk of my big laptop, and only $200 at risk instead of the $1200 labtop.

I can't wait for the ham software to start working with it.  Talk about portability...  The ease of use, will assure that I will now probbly have the ham radio laptop apps with me more often than before since I will be more apt to carry the small XO at low risk then lug the big laptop.

I'm sold!  

And now that my kids see how easy the itnernet access was, I now have to buy my own XO, since now their inteerest has been re kindled and they do want to take them both back to school... 


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