[aprssig] Voice Alert Travelers...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 2 17:51:35 EST 2008

> > It is not fair to be transmitting VOIce 
> > Alert PL (CQ on all your packets) if you 
> > are not listening by ear with CTCSS 100 
> > for calls!
> I resolved this by programming an adjacent 
> memory without the tone and move to it when 
> unattended (parked) but still sending my 
> location...

Good idea!  I handn't thought of just another memomry channel!
I had thought I woiudl have to use a PM for that.  But of
course.  Just anotehr 144.39 channel without CTCSS...  Neat...

> So, how can we educate these otherwise 
> well-meaning operators?

A PL-100 packet-seeking missle might work.. 
It could have a voice transmitter couting down to impact...
"Please respond by voice...  If nothing heard,
X seconds to impact".


Bob, Wb4APR

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