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Jim Danforth wrote:
> Sorry for the double post.  Didn't mean to reply to the other message.
> I'm about to get deployed to the hurricane zone with my disaster relief
> crew.  I've never mastered the email via aprs thing, so if anyone can point
> me to a tutorial, I would really like to make it work before leaving.  I
> will be taking a D7 with me, and possibly a D700, though it would require
> removal from my truck ,and temp install in a rental, and stuffing in a
> suitcase to come home.  That prospect doesn't excite me. I would rather take
> my tape measure beam than to take the d700.
> JimD
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Assuming the APRS infrastructure (digipeaters, a reachable igate and the 
Internet at that location) don't get wiped out in the hurricane, it's 
quite simple.   Compose a an APRS message to be sent to the callsign 
"EMAIL" instead of an actual station. 

Then, the very first part of the message payload is the actual email 
address of the person you are trying to send to.   Follow this with one 
or more spaces before the actual text of the message.  Note that:

1)     APRS messages are cell-phone-texting-style one-liners with a max 
of less than 80-100 chars.

2)     The email address consumes part of the message one-liner. If you 
have the choice email addresses, choose one with the shortest adddress 
string to use.    (For example, an address at "aol.com" will leave more 
space for the real message than an address at "sbcglobal.com" or 

3)     APRS email is basically a one-way system.  You can SEND a message 
to any internet email address (and may get an ack back) but the Internet 
party can not send a reply back to you.  (It's the regulatory issue of a 
non-ham party initiating a transmission on the ham bands.)

Since you may be in a less-than-favorable location (relative to any 
surviving digis) you want to throw all the antenna gain you can 
possibley muster into the mix.   An Arrow Antenna collapsable 
light-weight hand-holdable yagi would be ideal.  

And, if you do use any external ants with the TH-D7;   
             DON'T FORGET AN SMA-to-BNC or SMA-to-UHF ADAPTER!!


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