[aprssig] Newsline Frequency Objects on APRS

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Aug 31 09:53:08 EDT 2008

Amateur Radio Newsline Frequency Objects can alert mobiles of when and where to listen and should also be transmitted whenever Newsline is on the air!  

APRS is making great strides in providing useful information to APRS mobile operators about recommended local Voice Repeater Frequencies for the visiting traveler.

I suggest the following naming convention for NewsLine objects:

Object Name: NEWS-Tu9
Objet Path: DIRECT or ONE-HOP maximum!

The format above would indicate the news net is operated Tuesday Nights at 9 PM.  The object (just like all other local FREQUENCY objects) would contain the Frequency and Tone so that the newer APRS radios could QSY and auto-tune to that channel with a single push of the TUNE button.

When the Newsline Net was actually in progress, the name of the object would change to NEWS-Now, and with some creative use of APRS bulletins could even be SPOKEN via some of the APRS radios with voice chips.   (Someone needs to look though the vocabulary of the voice chip and see what words we can use to best alert the driver of he Newsline in progress)...

This is just one of the many applications for providing useful local info of value to the mobile operator.  Please see the web page:


These dedicated Newsline operators put lots of effort into these news nets, and by putting out an APRS object while they are in progress, they can alert all operators within range. Most of them should be able to hook up a TNC to their radio and set the BEACON TEXT to perform this function.

APRS is the universal, continent wide single information resource channel that can reach ALL operators at anytime, anywhere, no matter what else they are doing with their radio.  Exercise it, use it, and with Frequency Objects, tune in on what others are doing!

Bob, Wb4APR

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