[aprssig] more kayak and aprs

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 28 08:42:45 EDT 2008

Lots of interesting suggestions so far. Thanks.

So, another approach to the desire to
a) know the position of the kayak
b) get it to something like FindU

is to get a marine VHF radio with DSC (which can send a GPS position) 
for the kayak, and set up a DSC receiver in the car, tied to a APRS 

I've just started looking into this, but it looks like the VHF/DSC is 
"on button push", not automatic, as in APRS.  There appears to be some 
sort of "pull" or query mechanism where one VHF/DSC station can ask for 
the position of another, so in my scenario, the station in the car would 
be doing this.  However, there's probably some legal prohibition against 
automated actions like this.

Jim, W6RMK

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