[aprssig] Radiometrix APRS module

Steve Grantham aa5sg-2 at sera.org
Mon Aug 25 19:37:15 EDT 2008

There were technical and band planning considerations that put the USA on your "custom (non-standard)" frequency for APRS.  Historically, APRS gained a foothold on 145.790 and was moved from there.  The 144.800 APRS channel that you find yourself on would not work in the USA since 144.790 and 144.810 are inputs to terrestrial FM voice repeaters.  See the "APRS/Manned Space Frequency Alliance" article by "Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO" at http://garc.gsfc.nasa.gov/members_only/newsletters/98/0298.html for some history in the matter.  Perhaps this information will be of some help to your understanding.  You may also search the web for additional historical information.

Steve, AA5SG

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  What custom ("non standard") frequency are you on about? 144.800 MHz is the correct frequency for APRS world-wide. It's only the USA that uses a custom (non-standard) one! 

  Sometimes it gets really frustrating that Americans can be so parochial -- always thinking that their view/regulations/frequency/digipeating is the only one that's right. Someone has gone to the effort to organise a self-contained device, on the right frequency for people outside the USA, and you seem to be detracting from it and their efforts. Good on them!

  Andy, G8TQH

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