[aprssig] Radiometrix APRS module

Rod,VE1BSK rodpadmore at ns.sympatico.ca
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It might be helpful to note that the former British Colonies north of the 
USA also use 144.390 for APRS.            73 de Rod.
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>> What custom ("non standard") frequency are you on about? 144.800 MHz is
>> the correct frequency for APRS world-wide. It's only the USA that uses a
>> custom (non-standard) one!
>> Sometimes it gets really frustrating that Americans can be
>> so parochial -- always thinking that their
>> view/regulations/frequency/digipeating is the only one that's right.
> Well, I think this falls into the same category as 110v/60hz electrical
> service - we did it first, so we defined the 'standard'.  Doesn't mean
> it's best, it was just there first.
> As for the refusal to adopt SI units... well, no excuses there.  It's
> just people being resistant to change.
>> Someone has gone to the effort to organise a self-contained device, on
>> the right frequency for people outside the USA, and you seem to be
>> detracting from it and their efforts. Good on them!
> I don't think anyone's detracting from it.  It's great that it's
> available in another common frequency that we need.
> Scott
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