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> Maybe the thread now has become _VERY_ american with
> firearms. In my
> view, we're now far away from the topic.
> On our side of the Atlantic, we're dealing with most
> situations
> without firearms, and are somewhat estranged by the ever
> returning
> debates particularly from the USA around weapons.
> -- 
> 73 de Jan, LA2BBA
> Hvaler, Norway

This has been so OT for so long, maybe I have missed or forgoten something.
Why call attention to the weapon in the first place?


In Texas (and probably other states) this may be illegal:

Penal Code  42.01 S.(a)(8) (to-wit, page 35)

See also page 70 and page 72, same attachment.

de Charlie, N5EXY, grid EM10fl,
South Suburban Greater Hutto


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