[aprssig] Telemetry question

Thu Aug 21 17:47:01 EDT 2008


I actually got things working well.  Take a look at the telemetry on your
favorite server for WA4SCA-8.

There is no particular order that I can see.  You can update one single
line, which is a good way to see whether things are going as you wish.  Just
make certain you have your station call and SSID set to the same as your
telemetry source.  In my case, WA4SCA-8 sending to WA4SCA-8.

The first breakthrough was to try a different program.  I downloaded the
AGWTracker trial program and after the most minimal configuration was able
to transmit the equation parameters successfully via either RF or Internet
on the first try.  UI-VIEW32 failed both ways, however, after a bit of
thought, I tried again, padding the end of the lines with some spaces.  That
worked, so there is some difference in the way the programs handle messages.
I will wrestle with the details after I get back from vacation.

BTW, the data you posted seems to provide for two parameters, but the EQNS
part only shows enough data for one.  I don't know whether this will cause a
fatal problem, other than the second graph not being correct.  Once you get
it going, the process seems rather robust.

BITS.00000000,Telemetry Test 

I sent the above, line by line, with the space padding added as discussed

Hope this helps.  I am still learning by trial and lots of error.


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