[aprssig] Project-25 for amateur radio

Pentti Gronlund pentti.gronlund at tut.fi
Thu Aug 21 11:12:53 EDT 2008

Robert Bruninga writes:

> I noticed the QST article on Project 25 using digital voice on
> repeaters.
> I noticed a sentence about simple text transfer. And intended to
> bring the article to work with me for noon time reading, but
> forgot it.
> If the radios are capable of digitally exchanging callsigns,
> then there is no reason why they cannot appear on APRS just like
> DTMF users.  SO if anyone can point me to a point of contact
> within that project group, I'd like to invite them to consider
> joining the global APRS system too.

All APCO P25 radios identify by 7-digit ID's. Most, if not all,
of those with a display have a built-in list to convert the ID's
to callsigns.

Not a bad idea after all, needs a bit TLC from the trustee. Maybe
there is a way to convert a call sign to seven digits and forget
about the lists? 

Benjamin OH3BK (who found himself with a 70cm Quantar one rainy Thursday)
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