[aprssig] OpenAPRS WEB page

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 20 16:42:12 EDT 2008

> The PGH strings which I have set up contains a 
> fifth number representing the number of beacons 
> per hour. For LD1FA, 4. For my home call, 2. 
> But they are regarded as the first part of the 
> rest of the status message, rather than part of 
> the PHG, on oaprs. And the explanation window 
> only speaks about 4 digits after the characters
> 'PGH'.

Yes, the 5th digit was used as a possible way of seeing no only
eomeones effective RF range but by also sestting the beacons per
hour, one could tell how reliably he was being received.  But
this depended on parsers to "assume" a delimiter after the
original SPEC values of PHGxxxx,text......  So we found we could
replace that  comma delimiter with that beacon rate digit.

But this was probably mostly forgotten.  But it is good that you
raise it up.  It would be nice to get feedback on any/all
systems that by-luck, parse the 5th digit and do not mess up
their text, and those that do.  It wuold be nice to see how the
D710 handles it because we can fix that...


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