[aprssig] SAR + APRS

Michael J. Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Wed Aug 20 14:37:00 EDT 2008

We have been working on our local very active Search and Rescue group to
start utilizing APRS more for tracking.  Some questions have come up and I
was wondering if there were some people who have already done this stuff:


1)      They want to utilize much higher beacon rates on Mobiles/Portables.
To allow for good tracking during a search.  The portable digi (like a d700)
will only beacon once per 10mins locally to keep it legal.

2)      Due to the increased beacon rate (proposed 2minutes) we think we
should maybe use APRSALT frequency of 144.990mhz (it is available in our


My main question is if we utilize 144.990mhz can we somehow get these people
out on 144.390mhz without causing tons of traffic problems.  If I had an
igate on 144.990mhz via a 3G network could I then have the local IGATEs send
out on 144.390mhz the callsigns but only like every 10 minutes?  Could I use
a KPC-4 (dual port 1200bps) or something else to digi between 144.990mhz and
144.390mhz every 10mins for each station with the right UIDWAIT?


Should we consider using 9600bps and increase our TX rates to 1.5minutes?
Then I could digi between 144.990mhz on 9600bps and 144.390 on 1200bps, but
again it would be too much data.  I need to control it with UIDWAIT or


Thanks for any suggestions.






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