[aprssig] APRS on DSTAR

Michael J. Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Tue Aug 19 10:24:53 EDT 2008

Does the d-710 need an external GPS to get GPS info from in this setup (like
the d710 attachable GPS) or can you grab the GPS data from your 2820 if you
have that add-on already in it?  I believe the GPS data is available right
on the D-STAR slow speed port of the 2820 now and could be passed back into
the d-710?

This is truly exciting, D-STAR and APRS with 1 antenna, 1 radio and 2 heads.
Perfect for my new vehicle installation to keep clutter down!

Thank-you Jeff for the hard work,

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Good news on getting APRS onto the 2820 DSTAR radio!

JefF, KB2M has been working on a plug-n-play solution where you
just plug the D710 APRS Display head into the external
audio/data jack of the Icom 2820 radio so that you can run DSTAR
on band B and run APRS with almost all the features of the D710
on the A side.

He has been frustrated due to lack of information on why the TX
audio level simply is not there.  But with dedication and time,
he now has it working by a simple TX audio level adjustment
using the Kenwood MCP software and by inserting a capacitor into
the data line.

This is an exciting capability! Plug-n-play APRS DISPLAY on the
2820.  The one added thing that would save $90 in this system
would be if someone could find a souirce of 10 volts regulated
at 300 mA inside the 2820 to power the RC-D710 display head.
Then  all you need is the basic RC-D710 for $199 and not need
the added $90 regulated-power-interface. Maybe...

Jeff promises pictures when he gets it all installed.

This extension of APRS Info Display capability into all mobiles,
not just APRS mobiles will go a  long way towards extending the
usefullness of APRS throughout ham radio.  This also includes
the new HAMHUD that can also be added to any radio as well as
the RC-D710 display...

And then when we get APRStt going, then every ham radio operator
can be reached through APRS.


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