[aprssig] Weather Stations and Net Neutrality

Doug Younker dougy at ruraltel.net
Sun Aug 17 20:17:41 EDT 2008

Daron Wilson wrote:
> Perhaps I wasn't clear.  If the station is transmitting weather, it is of
> course valid data.  If it is a house saying 'here I am', I fail to see the
> value.  Several of our weather stations are at houses, but I don't broadcast
> a beacon from my home saying 'here is my house' because I don't see any
> advantage to it.

Then again any advantage, desirability, or need of beacons from home 
stations is relative, subject to personal opinion and other criteria. 
This is Amateur Radio after all. My home station will not beacon untill 
I boot up UI-View, meaning I'm at the keyboard, able to respond to 
contacts.  I do realize what we can here in the sticks with a low ham 
population and, a lower yet population of hams using APRS can do is 
much, much, different than those in more populous areas. Another post to 
this topic mentioned vanity, is a home beacon anymore or any less a 
vanity beacon, than mobile beacon?
Doug, N0LKK

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