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Adam Cartwright adam.cartwright at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 10:57:32 EDT 2008

The address you're sending from needs to be on your white list.  You can
edit your white list directly on the winlink.org website (through the
webmail client).  Or when you send a winlink e-mail message to someone
through the winlink system, that address is automatically added to your
white list.  This is for your protection to prevent SPAM from hitting your
winlink address.

Also, remember that in order for winlink to send you notification via
APRSLink, you need to have beaconed with your position sometime very
recently.  I don't know what the exact time is, but unless you're beacons
are hitting an IGate, the system can't find you to deliver the notification.

Good luck.
-adamc (w0ako)

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How can I get winlink.org to accept messages to me?

I have sent several good emails through APRSLink but anything to
ki0g at winlink.org bounces.  I have also enrolled on the winlink.org site.

73, Bob Ki0G


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