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Jim Sanford wb4gcs at amsat.org
Fri Aug 15 06:25:01 EDT 2008

Well done!
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Wes Johnston, AI4PX wrote:

> I was given a yaesu 2400 2m rig and kpc3 several years ago with the 
> provision that I not sell it.
> The kpc3 had a problem with the 5v reg, and I replaced it with a 78L05 
> or 7805.  It seems to have suffered an overvoltage on the uprocessor, 
> and has two "minor" issues... 1) it only works with external squelch, 
> CD INT does not decode any packets, 2) it likes to forget it's 
> settings when powered down.
> The 2m rig needs a lithium battery, it comes up on 144.000 mhz when 
> powered up.
> So together, this set is hobbled... but a youngster, perhaps a teen 
> ham, who would have the patience to setup the TNC each time and spin 
> the dial on the radio might love to have such a setup.
> I really want this setup to go to a kid that will use it and need it.  
> I might consider poor college students, but I'd rather poor middle 
> school or high school new ham.  I just don't want this to sit on a 
> shelf and go to waste.
> Best sob story gets it!  I would ask to be reimbursed for shipping at 
> least... or we'll work something out.
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> Wes
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