[aprssig] Sept ARRL's QST 2008 article

Jan T. Pharo la2bba at jpharo.net
Thu Aug 14 17:41:52 EDT 2008

John Ronan <jronan at tssg.org>, Thu, 14 Aug 2008 20:16:34 +0100

>Its not written in Stone, and it would be easy enough to get the few  
>folks here to change.  I guess there's more APRS users in Norway than  
>Ireland ;)

Probably, yes :) and still, we're not that many here either, but we
are all having strong opinions in various directions.
However, the APRS hams in Germany are quite many, and also in Denmark.
Well, yes, UK.

73 de Jan, LA2BBA
Hvaler, Norway

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