[aprssig] How to delete/remove an Object

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 14 11:57:59 EDT 2008

> UI-View user can adopt an object and can also 
> kill it and move it, and edit it. 

True, but it treats objects and stations differently, and so it cannot take over another station (that has a bad position or bad data) and correct it or update it or kill it from all displays.  THis function is fundamental for maintaining a correct situation display at an event.

>(Well, Bob, you _do_ have UI-View, don't you?) 

No, that is why I do not trust my own experience with it and I have to depend on the UIview experts such as yourself for the correct and nuanced operating details.  

We tried to use UIview (as provided and operated by UIview experts) for a special event and found so many issues and so many things missing, that we had to abandon it the week before and I have never used it since.  It completely failed at trying to maintain a tactical picture with dozens of objects that had to be maintained and moved throughout the event.  (I have published the many work-arounds that can correct these deficiencies, but they are cumbersome)

Secondly, it does not provide the RF network display and analysis tools and assessments that I routinely use.  My primary interest is local RF, not the internet...

And since Mobile, Special Event and RF Network and topology monitoring and optimization are the primary things that I use APRS for, I have not found UIview to meet my needs. I keep hoping that eventually someone will come out with a fully functional APRS application, that includes all of UIview's great positive features, but also fill's out the stuff that is missing or incomplete.  This is not a criticism.  It's just where we are today.

I konw that there are many UIview add-ons that fix many of these issues, but I just do not have the patience to manage all that just to do the basics of APRS in the field.


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