[aprssig] Mobile Displays on FINDU & .FI

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 13 17:25:44 EDT 2008

> I agree.  But if we had formal, updated spec, 
> how could software developers get yelled at when 
> their software program implements the current 
> spec?  Right now, with information everywhere, 
> any non-Kenwood software can be complained about 
> openly when it doesn't implement a new idea...

Information is not "everwyhere".  It is one place.  My web page.  There are three links necessary to remain current with APRS.  Always has been.

THe tapr link to the PDF spec
My aprs.org/aprs11.html to the version 1.1 addendmu
my aprs.org/aprs12.html to the in work proposals of 1.2

I admit they are not in the most useful PDF spec format. But I do now have a volunteer that will update the original PDF spec, if we can just get a copy of the original source from TAPR.  We have been asking now for a few months.  We will ask again...

Bob, Wb4APR

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