[aprssig] Sept ARRL's QST 2008 article

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 13 17:19:33 EDT 2008

> I enjoyed... “Maximizing the Mobile Motorist Mission”
> in the latest edition of the QST magazine....
> Question about... Voice Alert...
> ... the D710 has a menu item [for] Voice Alert...
> ... the D700 [does not]

Doesn't matter.  Any D7, D700 or D710 can do APRS and Voice Alert simultaneously by just setting CTCSS 100 on the APRS data channel.  In fact ANY radio, ANY tracker, even any NON APRS radio can use VOice Alert (CTCSS 100) on 144.39.

The only thing that cannot do voice alert is TNC's that are interfaced to the SPEAKER output instead of to no-squelched audio.  ALSO!!!! WE DO NOT EVER WANT HOME STATIONS USING VOICE ALERT IF THEY ARE TRANSMITTING PACKETS!!! EVER...

We asked Kenwood to add "Voice Alert" as a MENU item simply so that they would include it in their operators manuals.  We must get all ham radio operators aware of this very powerful capability to the mobile travler (not just those on the APRSSIG).  ANd not just APRS staitons... ANYONE can use it.

BUT!  Dont use VA menu on the D710.  Because then you cannot turn it off except by menu.  It is better to just set CT 100 on 144.39 and save it in one memory channel, and then save another 144.39 channel without CT 100.  Then you can easily switch back and forth with Voice Alert ON or OFF by just bumping the TUNE knob.

If one doesn't listen occasionally to what the raw 144.39 channel sounds like (including their own signals) then one is part of the problem, not the solution.  <GRIN>

Thanks for the opportunity to pontificate...
Bob, Wb4APR

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