[aprssig] Fuel Stops

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Aug 12 11:52:47 EDT 2008

Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> I was wondering if there is an 'agreed' format 
>> for displaying Fuel  prices?
> The way this symbol is supposed to work is that the number displayed on the sign symbol is contained anywhere in the object text as "[nnn]".  This way, the text value also is readable by systems that did not implement the actual sign post graphic.
> We use this symbol for automatic TRAFFIC SPEED reporting (00 to 99 MPH).  So three digit ($$$) signs would not be confusing to MAP viewers. 
> I'm not sure how many clients actually display this symbol correctly.  APRSdos displays it, and APRStrfc transmits it for traffic monitoring.  There is a UIVIEW add-on that also transmits traffic information.

The UIview addon only displays it as a comment field to a standard 
posit.   The signpost symbol is a fixed static image with no overlays in 
the UIview symbol set.  I would guess because the APRS spec doesn't make 
it clear that this is supposed to be a dynamically-alterable symbol.   I 
recall puzzling over this symbol at the time I first started updating 
the symbol set.

Ditto for APRSplus.  

It doesn't show at all in APRSpoint.   (Any posit with this symbol, or 
any other missing from the SEVERELY truncated APRSpoint symbol set,  
shows up as  the generic Microsoft MapPoint pushpin symbol.)


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