[aprssig] distributed findu possible ?

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sat Aug 9 18:17:14 EDT 2008

On Aug 9, 2008, at 4:22 PM, Michael Conrad wrote:
> Like written above, there are about 30 APRS records per second,  
> coming from less then 15000
> unique APRS stations and producing 120000 APRS records per hour.
> If we have a distributed system consisting of 100 peers (nodes) in  
> average each peer
> is responsible for 150 stations or 1200 APRS records per hour. This  
> will result in 0.3
> APRS records per second (or 1 APRS records per 3 seconds) or 2.5 MB  
> data per day.
> With a 48h history, each peers has to store 5 MB APRS data.
> If such a system has the same user load like findu (2 mio pages),  
> each peer has to perform
> 20000 pages per day (15 page request per minute). This should be no  
> problem for a cheap
> root server, even a small pc connected via dsl could eventually  
> handle this.

See my last reply for some findU stats. Keep in mind what you are  
talking about here is cherry picking the easy stuff findU does. This  
is what aprs.fi does, and to some extent aprsworld, but you can't call  
it a findU replacement unless it does the hard stuff. What are you  
plans for handling:


This is a three year old plot of the data at my house just before  
Hurricane Wilma hit and either the DSL line went down or the UPS gave  
out after power failure. You can get this for any weather station for  
any time in the last eight years that it sent data to the APRS IS. Or


How are you going to show month+ long tracks?

With your distributed system, how do you handle a guy that travels  
from the area covered by one server to another? There are lots of  
details you need to address...

Steve K4HG

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