[aprssig] APRS at Dayton 2008?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Apr 29 23:10:38 EDT 2008

APRS around Dayton looks kinda obsolete....?
I am kibitzing via FINDU and maybe all wrong.
But Only 2 digi's within 30 miles.
Only 1 digi within 50 miles is New-N.

The lack of close in digis is probably a GOOD way to handle the overload of the actual hamvention.

- ------- ---- --- --- --------------------------------
# KC8QBL-3  ?   19  SE no PHG no New-N no path info no Freq 
S W8BLV    160' 19  SW New-N "S" shows W3 no Freq
N KA8ZNY10 160' 40  SE old W-R-T, no "S" no Freq
1 K9APR-4  160' 45  W  W1 digi only, No Freq, etc
S N8EMZ-3  160' 55  SE New-N "S" digi, no freq
- KB9GYO-4  40' 50  SW home station, No "S", no Freq, etc
N N8WCT-4  320' 60  E  No freq info

Can't find any local Frequency Objects near Dayton that I can see, but of course, they may not show up unless an IGate is very close.  I found these, but none is fully in the recommended format.

145.21  70 mi NW has Tone in non-auto format
145.25R 60 mi NW looks good
146.73  75 mi S  looks OK
442.675 60 mi NW has tone in non-auto format
147.285 50 mi E using WIDE2-2 spam path

The lack of properly formatted TONE in all of these objects will be a disappointment to anyone with the new D710 firmware.


For every digi sysop within 500 miles of Dayton, now is a good time to get your DIGI compliant with both the New-N paradigm and the LOCAL-INFO initiateive shown above to assist all those travelers driving through...

And Everyone, Drive with Voice-Alert!


and put your monitoring frequency in your position packets... even if you don't have a D710...
Lets meet and QSO, not just drive blind... and deaf...


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