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Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Sun Apr 27 11:02:36 EDT 2008

Thats pretty kewl

The google earth bit.

We could start a global google earth server

You feed into a MySQL database positions, wether it is AIS ADS-B APRS

And then a cgi calls a kml for google

Andrew Vk4TEC

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> On Sat, 26 Apr 2008, Kai Gunter Brandt wrote:
>> joe at dellabarba.com skrev:
>>> On my boat I have APRS and AIS.
>>> Is there anything to convert the AIS data to APRS data and would anyone 
>>> want to see it if there was?
>> aprs.he.fi is displaying AIS but i think this is a seperate stream on the 
>> sql servers.
>   Yup, a good bunch of people running ShipPlotter 
> (http://www.coaa.co.uk/shipplotter.htm) are feeding data to 
> http://aprs.fi/ - see http://aprs.fi/page/ais_sites for a list. But the 
> data is not converted to APRS format as such, it is simply fed to the 
> database backend. I don't see much point in converting it to APRS format, 
> since there's a lot of additional information in there (ship dimensions, 
> MMSI/IMO numbers, vessel classes, heading and course separately...) which 
> cannot be put into APRS packets without using custom fields.
>   It's useful for SAR folks to have them on the same map, though. A lot of 
> volunteer search-and-rescue boats have APRS trackers on them here, they're 
> cheaper than AIS gear anyway. They've got amateur licences for automatic 
> digipeater stations, and they're installed and maintained by hams.
>   The APRS tracker used by the boats can also output APRS positions sent 
> by other SAR APRS trackers as NMEA sentences on the serial port. AIS 
> receivers can do the same, and a mapping application or a radar display 
> can then plot all of the data on the same display in the boat.
> PS. There's also a Google Earth interface on aprs.fi - install Google 
> Earth from earth.google.com and click on the 'Google Earth KML' link on 
> aprs.fi to get a live APRS overlay without installing additional software.
>   Drop me an email, if you have a spare VHF FM receiver with a 
> discriminator output (9600 bit/s GMSK capable) and would like to feed data 
> from your ShipPlotter installation to aprs.fi. Thanks!
>   - Hessu, OH7LZB
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