[aprssig] Was ADS-B to APRS Server NOW AIS to APRS

Pete Loveall AE5PL Lists hamlists at ametx.com
Sat Apr 26 13:27:36 EDT 2008

But we do get cross-connections and that is an issue.  Even Xastir has, at different points in time, had issues with data coming in one feed and going out another.

FireNet will have a feed from the CWOP servers (if it doesn't already).  And, as I pointed out before, if you connect to FireNet, you have APRS-IS bi-directionally so there is no need to connect to both (and, in fact, it is potentially detrimental).  As far as simultaneously connecting to other non-APRS-IS subnets, yes this does limit you.  But if the other option is what we have been cleaning up for the last 10 years (a spider web of multiple connections introducing bad data into APRS-IS), then I put forth that it is better to limit the number of connections that a client makes to prevent abuses of the servers and minimize bad data on APRS-IS.


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> I maintain, however, that an APRS client that can't connect to more
> than one server is quite limited.  Maybe I want to connect to APRS-IS,
> the CWOP net, Firenet, and Andrew's new server - there are no
> redundancies in the data, no loops, and unless I as an operator or the
> author of my application do something wrong, no cross-connection of
> feeds.

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