[aprssig] Was ADS-B to APRS Server NOW AIS to APRS

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Sat Apr 26 12:25:16 EDT 2008

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> I've not noticed that, and I have ran multiple feeds with xastir.
> A server limit of one seems rather arbitrary and limiting, but I guess
> it's appropriate if the app in question can do the job right...

It is neither arbitrary nor limiting.  It is not arbitrary because, as you have observed, APRS-IS has no ability to correct for software that reintroduces aged packets causing loops, delayed packets, etc.  It is not limiting because every server sees all of the packets on APRS-IS.  A redundant feed is just that: redundant while unnecessarily increasing server and client loadings.  Each server has limited bandwidth measured in bps, pps, and connections.  Each client is designed for doing things like mapping and messaging which cause many of them to fall behind a single full feed, let alone multiple feeds.

Hope this helps clarify why using a single connection to APRS-IS is necessary and actually improves reliability by not adding unnecessary strain to the servers or the client.


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