[aprssig] Was ADS-B to APRS Server NOW AIS to APRS

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> You mean they can connect to only one server at a time?

Yes, and that is a good thing.  Otherwise, we see what we have always seen on APRS-IS from multifeed software: loops, delayed packets, etc.

However, a ham can connect to a FireNet server, for instance, and see all the FireNet objects they want AND gate to APRS-IS.  That is what I mean by an "APRS-IS subnet".  Ham users have full access to APRS-IS -and- any of the data that is only on the subnet.  The subnet-only data is never uploaded to APRS-IS.  The same type of subnet could be done for ADS-B information and another for AIS information.

While I think these types of feeds are "neat", remember that this is displaying information gathered from commercial (non-ham) sources and may have legal ramifications in various countries.  I am not a lawyer nor do I intend for this to fall into an arm-chair legal discussion.  It is just something to think about by anyone who might consider creating such a subnet.


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