[aprssig] Was ADS-B to APRS Server NOW AIS to APRS

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Sat Apr 26 07:50:46 EDT 2008

If there is and you want to implement it, do as Andrew has done and put it on a subnet separate from APRS-IS (also like FireNet).  This type of isolated subnet can be done with a stock javAPRSSrvr (FireNet uses javAPRSSrvr to prevent the massive number of objects it sees from appearing on APRS-IS).  On the other hand, if you want to gate just your boat using a translation to a ham object, that would be ham-related and the only thing to watch out for then is the possibility of sending a flood stream to APRS-IS.  This can be prevented by incorporating some sort of throttling.  D-PRS, for instance, has built-in throttling to prevent a steady stream of posits that the Icom radios send when in GPS mode.

Andrew made a good point that this type of application is not APRS nor is it ham related.  We have bandwidth limitations and all of the APRS-IS infrastructure is provided free-of-charge by hams for hams.  Experimenting is great as long as it does not adversely affect these volunteers or their operation.  Also, both ADS-B and AIS are commercial interests and would have significant usage implications if they started to show up on APRS-IS.  There also might be governmental restrictions in various countries as to the "retransmission" of this information over the Internet.

Just some thoughts as we experiment with new APRS bridges.


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> On my boat I have APRS and AIS.
> Is there anything to convert the AIS data to APRS data and would anyone
> want to see it if there was?
> Joe
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