[aprssig] Fw: ADS-B to APRS Server

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Fri Apr 25 23:47:46 EDT 2008

At 05:02 PM 4/25/2008, Andrew Rich wrote:
>I have written an ADS-B to APRS server.
>ADS-B is tracking for aircraft.
>It runs on LINUX, and uses perl
>A socker server listens for connections on port 10151, then 
>establishes a connection to the ADS-B stream.
>Packets are then formed into something that APRS can understand.
>You can try it, you should see planes flying around Brisbane.
>Simply add "vk4tec.no-ip.org" as an aprs server, and the port is "10151"
>No need to login, actually it just ignores anything sent
>Please have a go and let me know if you get it to work for you.

         Runs great here, and I can see several airplanes over 
eastern Australia.  The only issue I have is that I can only connect 
to one server at a time, meaning I have to choose to see APRS 
stations via the internet, or else airplanes via the internet.

         This is a great idea, though, and any APRSSIG "old-timers" 
can probably remember that I have wanted to be able to do this for years now.

         How well is your receiver working?  How far away have you 
been able to receive signals for ADS-B?

         How long before someone might run this in the US?  I just 
might have to build a cheap tower for that express purpose.

         7 3

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