[aprssig] APRS Location to Text

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Thu Apr 24 12:20:18 EDT 2008

William KI4HDU wrote...

> That is correct - I meant exactly what I said. I do not want a
> graphical client; I want some program that will spit out text given
> a location.

As Scott N1VG mentioned that you could set up a database for place names
and write a program to query it. Whether this is more work or trouble
than you want to go to depends on how badly you want to do this. It
wouldn't be my priority, but you must have some reason for it.

> obsolete - I would disagree. The definition of obsolete is "no longer
> in use or no longer useful". I know well the area that I live and the
> digi's that surround me. Knowing that the one digi that I can hit
> reliably ONLY responds to RELAY,WIDE and TN, I run
> RELAY,WIDE when I'm mobile in it's coverage range. There are
> still a few fill-in digi's that also respond to RELAY which is why i
> run the two hop old-style path.

That is a decision that you will have to make. My choice would be to
refuse to use RELAY and WIDE.

> I think you mean that RELAY and WIDE have been depreciated in
> North America - a fact that I am well aware of and am working to get
> things changed in the area of the country that I reside. We had a new
> digi up at the same location as the one that I use and it was a new
> style, but it did not survive the harsh environment and has been
> off-line for a good while now.

I'm pretty sure I meant obsolete (just checked the definition), but
RELAY and WIDE are deprecated too... or did you really mean
"depreciated"? However, this is arguing semantics and ignoring my point.
In spite of that, it sounds like your area is trying to move in the
right direction. It's too bad it wasn't the "depreciated" digi that
didn't survive and the harsh environment with the new one making it
through the winter!

> If you want to check my packet history, you'll notice that when I
> leave this area, I switch to the "standard" WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 - however,
> if that does not work, I'll try RELAY,WIDE. I use what works to get
> the message out.

Again, that is your decision and others may follow the same practice.
It's certainly better than the alternative of using them all of the
time. I have used RELAY too while poking around to find digis around me
still supporting obsolete settings, but wouldn't make it a habit of
using them.

> Only if there are multiple digi's around that support RELAY and WIDE.
> As it is, there is only one in the area that supports WIDE, so the
> duplication is kept to a minimum.

Hopefully that one can be updated or replaced. While they are still
around, the "old style digis" can just be used as an excuse for people
continuing to use them. I hear what you are saying about only using
RELAY and WIDE while you are at home, but my choice would be to just
refuse to uses them.

>> KI4HDU-JS when last used didn't have a validated TCPIP connection.
> I'm not sure where you're getting that information. I just checked and
> I'm currently connected to first.aprs.net with a verified filtered 
> feed.

I got it from http://aprs.fi/?call=KI4HDU, but you're right... it was
KI4HDU-2 and KI4HDU-HG that had the non-validated TCPIP connections.

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