[aprssig] N4243B

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Fri Apr 18 14:14:56 EDT 2008

At 12:05 PM 4/18/2008, Chuck.Gooden at comcast.net wrote:
>N4243B looks like  the callsign for a plane.  Check the FAA database.

         It is.  It's registered to a Bellanca Viking, but the 
owner's name doesn't show up in a search at QRZ.com.  Well, that's 
going by <http://home.att.net/~bsviking/dec06.html> -- and the FAA 
database shows the same name, so I guess it's still a puzzle, as the 
packets from N4243B do no contain a valid amateur radio callsign.

         BTW, the station identifying as N4243B today was only moving 
at about 55-60 MPH.  A Viking should make 150 or more.

         7 3

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