[aprssig] active station image

James Jefferson Jarvis jj at aprsworld.net
Thu Apr 17 16:20:04 EDT 2008

Hi Martin,

It took me a while to get to it, but I've now implemented this feature in 
aprsworld.net for you.


Will return a green single pixel PNG image when KB0THN-12 has been heard in 
the last 20 minutes. Or a red pixel if KB0THN-12 has not been heard in the 
last 20 minutes.

Here is the PHP code to implement this, in case you are curious:

To make this work for your website you can add a HTML <img> tag. For example:

width="50" height="50" alt="KB0THN-12 status" />



On Sunday 06 April 2008, you wrote:
> Hi!
> Do you know a page or some applet that can show if a APRS unit is online in
> a simple way?
> I´m webmaster for a gliding club here in Örebro, Sweden. We have a APRS
> unit in one of our gliders, so we can track it.. Really nice and we plan to
> put it in all of our gliders now! J
> Would be nice to just have a little icon next to the callsign of the
> glider, on the webpage, that switches between red and green if the  gliders
> APRS unit is active.
> Best regards
> Martin Kurkkio

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