[aprssig] NEW laptop for APRS with a Serial Port?

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Sun Apr 13 16:50:36 EDT 2008

At 01:38 PM 4/13/2008, KENT HUFFORD wrote:
>Most new laptops don't come with Serial Ports, and some not even a PCMCIA
>I am looking for a fast, new laptop (VISTA), (not a MAC) that has a built-in

         Well, you have to look pretty hard these days for that, but 
occasionally you find one.  It goes right back to what Jason posted 
earlier about 20th century radio -- we need to upgrade our stuff -- 
and a good start would be to move away from serial ports to USB or 
FireWire or something else more current.

         Here's one -- but I bet it's expensive!


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