[aprssig] KPC3+ beacons

Keith E. Brandt, WD9GET wd9get at amsat.org
Wed Apr 9 23:15:33 EDT 2008

Thanks to Bob for pointing out the error of my ways. In his example, 
it has NS, and I thought that was N or S, but I've been looking at 
this stuff long enough I should have caught that.

>It looks like W5RRR-1 will be very
>close to W5RRR-7 which was sending its own beacon with a very obsolete
>WIDE,WIDE. Perhaps W5RRR-7 will be replaced by the much more up-to-date
>W5RRR-1 once you get the syntax correct.

This is the replacement for the W5RRR-7. May it rest in peace.

>Well, looking at the obsolete W5RRR-7, it was heard by W5SI-2, and
>W5RRR-1 (with the fixed LT buffers) just showed up. It was gated by the
>same W5SI-2. It looks like you are in business.

Yup, it looks good from here too. Thanks to all for the help!

73, Keith

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