[aprssig] KPC3+ beacons

Keith E. Brandt, WD9GET wd9get at amsat.org
Wed Apr 9 19:38:01 EDT 2008

Our club just installed a KPC3+, firmware v9.1 as a digi. I followed 
the recommendations of WB4APR for configuring it for the WIDEn-N 
paradigm. It seems to be working fine picking up my mobile. However, 
the digi (W5RRR-1) is not showing up as having been igated. Here's 
the settings:

BLT 1 EVERY 00:30:00 START 00:00:00
BLT 2 EVERY 00:30:00 START 00:10:00
BLT 3 EVERY 01:00:00 START 00:20:00
BLT 4 EVERY 01:00:00 START 00:50:00

LT 1 !2933.65N09505.32W#PHG5340 W3, STXn-N  JSCARC
LT 2 !2933.65N09505.32W#PHG5340 W3, STXn-N  JSCARC
LT 3 !2933.65N09505.32W#PHG5340 W3, STXn-N  JSCARC
LT 4 !2933.65N09505.32W#PHG5340 W3, STXn-N  JSCARC

LTP 1 APN391
LTP 2 APN391

My question is on the BLT/LT/LTP interaction. I don't seem to be 
seeing any of the LT packets showing up. The digi is in a fixed 
location with no GPS. Would this prevent the digi from transmitting 
them? (this is my inference from the manual which seems to associate 
the BLT/LT/LTP with INTFACE set to GPS for dynamic position 
reporting). Does the setting (or not setting) of DAYTIME make a difference?

A complicating factor is we do not have an igate that can hear the 
digi directly. should I change the LTP 1 & 2 to also be via a WIDEn-N 
path? (not sure if it will matter as I haven't seen LT 3 & 4 transmitted yet).

73, Keith

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