[aprssig] Lubbock question

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Tue Apr 1 03:43:40 EDT 2008

At 05:49 PM 3/28/2008, John Habbinga wrote:
>Earl, you mentioned that you were working as a mobile I-gate.  I might
>have budlisted you because I could see your station through the digi
>even when you were far outside of the Lubbock NWS coverage area.
>I had cleaned up that list a while back and you should not have been
>on it, but perhaps there were some legacy stuff hanging around.  When
>you made your first post on this subject, a week ago, I rebooted the
>computer.  You should certainly have been able to digipeat after that.

         It was working tonight when I came through town, a little after 10 PM.

         7 3

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