[aprssig] APRS Event Bulletin Board

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Apr 4 09:26:09 EDT 2008

> >> Is there an APRS special events calender ?
> Last night I added bulletin group filtering 
> on the bulletin board page at aprs.fi: 
> http://aprs.fi/bulletin/ . Events can be seen at 
> http://aprs.fi/bulletin/EVENT...

Great.  Thanks.  How does it know "within 500 miles of my
location" when I am just browsing on the internet?  Do I need to
ID somewhere?

If this gets popular, I wonder it there could be other sub
categories of bulletins.
I couild imagine things like this being used:
BLN#MDNOW  <== for state of Maryland and a live event
BLN#MDMAY  <== for state of Maryland and something planned in
BLN#MD-25  <== might be an even in Maryland on the 25th of this

So maybe, SORTING and GROUPTING by the actual BULLETIN group
might be another way to discriminate these.  Originally I had
proposed putting the state and time/date as the first part of
the bulletin.  I wonder if making them part of the BLN GROUP
name might be a more consistent way to do it?

Just some ideas.

> > An APRS WEB page is written that works just like the
> > "community BULLETIN board" works in the original APRS.  That
> > all postings appear for everyone to see.  It monitors the
> > APRS-IS for postings.  The format for a post to this special
> > page is as follows:
> >
> > :BLN1EVENT:SS 27 Jun Balloon http://putWEBlinkHere
> >
> > The APRS EVENT WEB page will do these simple things:
> > 1) Look for all BULLETINS to the BLN#EVENT bulletin group
> > 2) SORT these messages by originator callsign
> > 3) SORT by the line number #
> > 4) REPLACE duplicate BLN#'s (this is how you edit bulletins)
>    Last night I added bulletin group filtering on the 
> bulletin board page 
> at aprs.fi: http://aprs.fi/bulletin/ . Events can be seen at 
> http://aprs.fi/bulletin/EVENT - it happens to work much like 
> described 
> above. There's no content sorting yet, though, I'll see about 
> that once 
> there are more than a few bulletins to look at. It does show 
> bulletins 
> transmitted by nearby stations first. This works for other 
> bulletin groups 
> too (http://aprs.fi/bulletin/EI http://aprs.fi/bulletin/MAREA
> > Notice that lines are sorted by callsign, and then by BLN#.
> > lines of the same bulletin are singlespaced.  Bulletins from
> > different callsigns are separated by a blank line.
>    This is how the whole bulletin board page at aprs.fi 
> operates. I didn't 
> want to encourage people to increase the transmitting 
> interval of their 
> bulletins by overwriting by the bulletin destination field (a
lot of 
> people just advertise their web sites and DX clusters in the 
> bulletins).
>    - Hessu, OH7LZB
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