[aprssig] Translations required for DIGI_NED website

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Fri Apr 4 03:45:11 EDT 2008


This is cross posted request from the Digi-Ned list, with the authors
permission, as maybe some people here who are non-native Engish speakers
(or who are extremely fluent in one or more of the mentioned languages?)
can help.   Also, I know there are some Digi-Ned users on this list too
in any case.  And it is APRS related of course....


Dave G0WBX

--- Begin ---

Hi All,

I have a request to all non native english speakers:

the digi_ned website at http://pe1mew.nl/digi_ned has a gui that
supports multiple languages. And with my limited knowledge of foreign
languages i have managed to translate french and german. Hover I did not
succeed in translating in to danish for example.

I am looking for peaople that are willing to translate the following
pages in to their own language:


I am looking for:
French, to replace te current one
german, to replace the current one
others that are offered are also welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Cu, Remko

--- End ---
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